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Big Data & Open Data Workshop

The Big Data and Open Data Workshop will delve into various best practices for Big Data strategy, Open Data ecosystems whilst discussing policies and political endorsement of open data projects

22-23 November (Sunday & Monday), 2015 Dubai, UAE

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eArchiving & edocumentation workshop

eDocumentation and eArchiving Workshop will be organized to discuss & share cutting edge solutions, policies, regulations & challenges faced by government organizations to establish a paperless working environment

13-14 September 2015 Dubai, UAE

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Innovative And Smart Portals Strategy Workshop

13-14 September 2015 Dubai, UAE

Corporate Wellness & Nutrition Workshop

Aim – Train & empower your employees with the importance of nutrition & Exercise. Incorporate a fitness regime, effective stress management & Work- Life Balance

20-24 September 2015 Thailand Cruise, Choose your European Destination- Spain/ Italy or London, UK

The Knowledge Management & Innovation Forum

(Theme: Realizing the vision of knowledge based economy)

Aims to host a critical platform in building a culture and environment conducive to innovation and the knowledge-based society

4-5 October 2015 Dubai, UAE

Advancing eLearning Excellence in Government & Business

The Next - Generation Learning Management Workshop/ developing the digital Learning environment

1-3 November 2015 Thailand/ Choose your European Destination- Spain/ Italy or London, UK

Customer – Centricity: Your Breakthrough To Excellence

Enhancing Customer Experience through Service Modernization and Personalization

17-18 November 2015 Dubai, UAE

Corporate Leadership Development Program – Leading the next gen of Talent

1-3 November 2015 Thailand/ Choose your European Destination- Spain/ Italy or London, UK

Women & Leadership: The 21st Century women leaders & entrepreneurs

Leveraging female talent: Boosting economic growth

2-3 December 2015 Dubai, UAE

Social Media Strategy for Communications and PR Workshop

16-17 December 2015 Dubai, UAE

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