CEO Dr. Usman Zafar presenting at 5G MENA, IOT Conference.

CEO Dr. USma Zafar moderating the panel in 5G MENA IOT Conference.

5G MENA 2018 will bring together telecom operators, solution providers, regulators, OTT players and IoT specialists from across the region to define clear use cases, debate new business models, and drive the connected revolution towards LTE-A, IoT, Smart Cities and 5G.

With a new more balanced focus on both the technical and commercial aspects of LTE and 5G Networks, 5G MENA 2018 will incorporate issues such as:

- Early 5G trials
- LTE rollout in emerging markets
- 5G use cases
- IoT networks and services
- RAN and Core evolution
- Standards, spectrum and regulation
- Digital transformation
- Service innovation
- New business models and monetisation opportunities


We live in the midst of a major digital transformation that will affect life, the society and the economy as groundbreaking as the industrial revolution did 150 years ago.

 The reality is that this transformative cycle will sweep across all industries and change the fundaments on how to operate a profitable business. Because of IoT, AI and widespread connectivity the trend is only going to grow.

 This C-level event focuses on how to make business out of Internet of Things and is designed to complement and fuel initiatives already under way. The agenda covers the business models IoT can generate, the structures which should be in place and what impact new market segments will have on your bottom-line.

Do you want to create new revenue streams, improve efficiency, reduce costs, raise productivity, sharpen your competitiveness, change business models or disrupt your industry? Gain accurate insight from early adopters and cross-industry knowledge on how to move forward into the next phase of your IoT strategy.

‚ÄčIoT is forecasted to become a $100 billion market in the Middle East alone, contributing up to 4 percent annually in GDP. Digitalization will have an irrevocable effect on companies and will impact the regional competitiveness, with the UAE set to be at the forefront of this change.

 The exponential possibilities of IoT is widening the opportunities and boosting the value chain. Eventually every company will become a service company. Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized. During this crucial period competitive advantages are born, rewritten and created.


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