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Traditional markets may no longer be providing the growth patterns and revenue contributions expected. Business cycles are becoming protracted and complex due to tight budget constraints from prospective clients, tough competition from multiple vendors and service offerings in the region, and slowing economies. The emerging markets of the Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe or China are still growing with fewer competitors and clients that want to implement cutting-edge high technologies to fulfill their business objectives.

DUC Consulting is a global company with offices in South East of England and Dubai, UAE, specializes in assisting companies to understand the dynamics of markets they wish to enter and the potential impact on their business. DUC Consulting with 20 years of expertise in establishing and opening offices internationally, building partner networks in particular across Mainland Europe and in the MENA regions. Our expertise covers how to be successful in doing business in specific countries and regions, developing and deploying strategies to gain a foothold, establish market share and building a successful business for the long term.

We offer a range of services that can be adapted to meet your requirements:


  • Market Due Diligence:

    Analysis of chosen emerging market economic drivers and comparison to Mainland Europe.
  • Cultural Awareness:

    Training in and how to be effective in doing business in the region.
  • Business Strategy:

    Assistance in developing strategies to maximize revenue returns from market investment. Target Markets: Industry sector match: Value Proposition & Messaging: Resource Mix: Pricing Models: Sales and Resource Compensation models
  • Product Mix Analysis 

          If your organisation offer a range of product, our expert will provide you all the support in creating different go- to market strategies to identify the idea mix of product offered, creating plans, financial & general market and other factor influencing the popularity of the product offerings. 

  • Competitor Analysis

          We assist you in creating detailed strategic plan to determine strengths and weaknesses of current potential competitor. futhermore, we determine a competitive strategy to make your products and services stand out from the crowd. 

  • Marketing Strategy

          Our marketing specialist define a startegy which includes eliciting your organisations short and long term marketing goals, by conducting appropriate marketing research activities and implementing these order to combine it all in the marketing plan.we are expert multi-channel marketing, a strategy which allow you to reach your potential clients through various channel rather than concentrating on solely one. this will give you the opportunity to acheive maximum profit with the respective marketing activities.

  • Market Introductions

          We assist you in all stages of market introduction. Form launching the product to creating demand to fully established a strong positioning in the market, we are able to assist in each step of the process.

  • Establishing Operations

          We are aware that entering a new region can be challenging, therefore we support our clients along each step of the journey by asssisting with the registration of their company as well as setting up an office and aquiring qualified staff. There are various business structures available in each country and by giving effective one to one consultations we make sure to offer you the most feasible solution according to your requirements and need


  • Tender Submissions

          For organisation aiming to work with mostly th epublic sector, we prepare tender submissions which similar to a formal proposal includes a variety of business realted information. We are able to assist you in creating this document and tailoring it to your potential client's requiremnets whenever an amendments is required.

  • Business Health Check and Business Effectiveness

           Designed to detect the strengths and area of improvement of your business, our experts conduct a business health check to determine these factors.

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