On-Site Group Ltd

On-Site Group Ltd

On-Site is a UK based recruiting agency established in 2003 that focuses primarily on quality, health, safety and the environment overall. It mainly consists of 1 holding company, 3 specialists recruitment firms and a telecommunication business.

The directors of On-Site company aim to bulid quality relationhsips with their clients and reputation is everything to them. The group has been built with the same focus irrespective of market sector. They believe quality of their product and its back should be before any other consideration as true value for money comes from a combination of right service first time, combination of initial cost and comprehensive support. Their staff is the key to success for them. They believe that the work force of a firm needs to be highly motivated and well trained in order to successfully achieve goals and targets of the company. Thus, leading to minimum level of employee turnover. Another significant factor for them is constant client feedback, an absolute genuine desire to improve and internal audits. 

   On-Sites management system enables them to deliver the following main aspects;

  •  clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all personnel,
  • reduced personal and business risk 
  • great emphasis on quality, health and safety
  • steam line processes and procedures
  • comprehensive understanding of everyones role and responsibilities
  • work on increasing business opportunities with new as well as existing clients

On-Site recruitment solutions is the leading recruitment business providing permanent as well as contract personnel to the following sectors Mechanical and Electrical, Construction, management and data/telecoms.

On-site London have indeed built up an excellent reputation for its recruitment solutions in the infrastructure, mechanical and elecrtical and construction sectors. Where as On-Site technical specialises in the supply of managerial and Technical professionals to firms and sub contractors in manufacturing construction,mechanical and electrical engineering along with facilities management. 

Lastly, On-Site connect focus on trying to simplify business by offeriing pro-active solutions covering all aspects of communication, from calls, connectivity and assessible cloud services, all backed by their expert personal service.