Hanane Ellaiti

Hanane Ellaiti

Associated Director for US & Canada

With a Master’s Degree in Education and over 13 years of learning and development experience with the Canadian Federal Government within such departments as the Department of National Defense and of Foreign Affairs and Trades, Hanane Ella has made a name for herself in the fields of learning and development, coaching, leadership, and management.

A results-oriented individual, Hanane has had the opportunity to not only create, organize and develop a range of programs and opportunities for those throughout the government of Canada but also to head up the same. These opportunities have allowed for the expansion of her skills in the way of strategic planning and problem solving alongside developing the organization in regards to its approach to a much more comprehensive array of individuals in need of its services.

Having carried out many roles related to management, adult learning knowledge management, and talent management, Hanane continues to seek out opportunities for empowerment and motivation for both herself and others, to ensure each of her team members are able to achieve their full potential.

With extensive experience working and interacting with senior level executives and government authorities throughout the country and abroad, she has likewise been able to develop the strong interpersonal and intercultural skills needed to succeed in a fast-paced, diverse world.

A thorough consideration of Hanane’ s many accomplishments would not, however, be complete without due consideration given to her work on the mental health strategies and training utilized in regards to the Canadian Afghanistan Mission. This has become her passion, allowing her to pursue what is most needed by those currently serving the country within these bounds and even to earn the Public Service Award for Excellence in Innovation.

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