Menal Omer Khakwani

Menal Omer Khakwani

Business Development Manager

Menal Omer Khakwani graduated from Brunel University, London (UK) in 2010. She did her BSC Honors in Business and Management with a major in International Business. She scored a 2:1 Upper Division, with a distinction in English Language. Menal has been working with a number of different projects and sectors in the past few years. Her major in International Business taught her about the world cultures and societies and to be challenged to approach issues from different perspectives. It aided her an overall understanding of how businesses are managed and taken care of at a global scale. International Businesses provided her with insights into the global,economic and business climates. 

However, leading to her setting up and taking care of her own business in the fashion indusrty of Paksitan. She has been running her own clothing line since over a year now and her previous diversified experiences in different sectors has helped her overcome all kinds of challenges smoothly. Along with running her own businesses she had taken up a Swedish Project of a small Boutique school called The Nordic International School opening their very first branch in Pakistan. The entire team runing it is British following the British curriculum. Menal had been very actively involved in the start up. She helped the foreign team with different aspects of the school. She took part in HR, recruiting best possible staff, Marketing, handling all kinds of enquiries as well as leading conferences and events. 

 Previously, she was actively involved in the marketing department of a Medical Equipment firm called Grand Agencies. She also carried our research by studying industry reports, market data and websites by contacting customers directly. She was involved in coming up with new and innovative ideas, monitoring competition, communicating efficiently with the rest of the company, managing budgets, calculating the ROI (rate on investment) and define strategic marketing plans.  

On the other hand Menal Omer Khakwanin worked with the Prime Ministers Inspection Commission (PMIC) and was able to learn and see how the PMIC ensured good governance, transparent and accountable administrations in federal government, ministeries Divisions, departments and autonomous bodies through monitoring, evaluation and enabling guidelines. She had the opportunity to attend seminars on accountability and good governance, held by Ministeries, Foreign Ambassadors, Secretaries, Academic and Civil societies.

During the start of her career, she worked with a few other organisations such as the Ombudsman Punjab, where she created a child friendly atmosphere, developed follow up systems of complaints regarding children and their families. Further, she has an amazing experice with Aurat Foundation pakistan, where she worked on  women rights. Her area of interest was womens representation in the local government and the legislative watch programme. She took care of issues such as women rights and their protection under the constitution. Furthermore, she had the opportunity to attend several workshops with elected women councilors from all other districts of punjab.   


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